1.  Booking conditions

When you book your holiday please discuss your choice of resort and accommodation with the travel agent or our reservation staff, to make sure it will be suitable for you and the people you will be travelling with. When you book holiday you will have to pay either the deposit or full cost of holiday. Once you have booked, within 2 days we will issue a  confirmation invoice confirming the holiday details and the price. A contract will then exist between us. Occasionally we may not be able to confirm you choice of accommodation. If  this is the case, we will offer you an alternative of equivalent quality. You may accept that change or cancel your holiday and receive full refund. If you book through one of our authorized travel agents, they will hold the money you pay for your holiday on our behalf. Please check the details on your invoice carefully. If you have any questions, you must contact your travel agent or our reservation staff immediately. It it essential that full correct details (first name, surname, date of birth and passport number) for all travelling with you are supplied at time of booking, otherwise any applicable insurance will be ineffective.

2. Payments

– Deposit 30% of holiday value.
– Final payment at least 35 days prior to arrival.
– EURO POL TOUR reserves the rights to cancell the reseravtion and apply cancellation charges should payments not be received within the above – specified periods.
The total holiday price and conditions of payments are detailed on the confirmation invoice.
Tha all prices are given in EURO or PLN.

3. Travel documents and vouchers

Travel documents and vouchers will be sent to you approximately 14 days before your holiday (provided full payment has been received). Please contact our office or your Travel Agent if you do not receive them on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a proper passport, visa (if it is necessary) and that your passport is valid for the whole of holiday or longer.

4. Cancellation

–          Notice of cancellation must be made in writing either directly to EURO POL TOUR or through.
–          The following scale of charges will apply when cancellation is notified:

Number of days prior to arrival
Over 35 days
34-17 days
16-10 days
less then 10 days or no arrival

Cancellation fee as % of total price:

Please note:
For group booking separate cancellation charges applies, supplied on request or together with booking confirmation.
You may in certain circumstances change your booking (without charges) by transferring it to another person.

5. Your accommodation.

Term used to described various types of accommodation not necessarily distinguish between local classifications, and as such:
– apartment – describes self contained holiday flat and summer holiday home
– hotels – are used to desribe not necessarily fully classified hotels but “holiday complex”, “hostel”, “pension”, etc.
– sanatorium – spa complex, hotel.

If there is no fix dates of stay given, booking has to be made for the minimum of 3 days.
Please note check in and check out times at your accommodation will be given on your voucher.
Late arrival should be reported to hotel reception/key office or our office.
For registration purpose you must have and show on demand valid passport of all people travelling with you.
Appartment/hotel room has to be occupied by number of people allowed and booked as per your voucher.
Dogs are allowed with our advanced written consent and is subject to additional fee.
You should have and present them on request your dog’s necessary medical documents and inoculation certificate.
Use of private electric cookers and/or heaters are not permitted, unless privided by the establishment.
You and any member of your party are asked to observe the rules of the establishment during your stay and do not cause any distress, damage and danger or to annoy other customers.
Hotel room/apartment fittings and equipment are described in the brochure.
Any damages and complaints have to be reported to the reception within 24 hours from check in. Otherwise it may be charged to your account at the end of your stay.
Safe and mini bar in your room will be charged extra.

6. Departure

Check out time, has to be reported to the reception/key office and a member of staff will inspect the room for any damage and collect your key. The room has to be left clean, free of any left over food in the fridge, etc.

7. Discount and extra charges

–  in case of concession rate the deduction is based on holiday value per person in a double/twin room.

8. Liability

1). EURO POL TOUR does not accept liability for any loss, theft, damage, personal injury suffered while at the hotel/apartment. Majority of the hotels will accept valuables in deposit at extra charge.
2). EURO POL TOUR obviously has no control over people’s behaviour and consequently, can not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage to facilities caused by people visiting or staying at hotel. We do not have exclusive use of properties featured in this brochure. It is possible, therefore, that there may be guests from other countries and of mixed age groups at your accommodation.
3). We aim to provide the best holiday possible. However, if provided services do not match your order, please notify as soon as possible hotel or company concerned who will do whatever they can to help you solve the problem there and then. Please also inform EURO POL TOUR about any problems – 0048/0601516043 (telephone helpline) or for our regular office contact numbers – 0048/032-2530207, 0048/032-2599778.
Complaints have to be notified in writing during your holiday. We will not consider any claims in any other form outside this period.

9. Additional informations

In the following circumstances:
– e.g. war, treat of war, riods, civil strife or terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, bad weather conditions and similar events beyond our control our contract will be canceled.
– very occasionally, because of events beyond our control we may have to change you holiday arrangements. If we do this, we will try to place you in accommodation of the same or higher standard in the same or near by city. You will not be charged the price difference.
– on rare occasion we may need to cancel your holiday as a result of circumstances which we could not avoid. We will tell you or your travel agent as soon as possible and you will receive the full refund within 3 days. However, we will not pay compensation and are not responsible for expenses or losses you suffer as a result.
– by signing contract with us you declare that you do not have any medical condition preventing you to use services and participate in activities included in your booked holiday/stay.
– for spa stays and treatment EURO POL TOUR acts only its capacity as a booking agent. This means that according to the existing rules, Spa (“Sanatorium”) and its  staff is responsible for medical assistance, recommended spa/rehabilitation treatments and its progress.
– we feel that it is only right to point out some of the hotels/apartments are not equipped to cater for needs of disabled holidaymeakers. Furthermore the natural terrain, and the layout of some resorts can sometimes make life difficult for wheelchair users.

It is therefore important, if you have any disability, that the appropriate enquires are made about the suitability of particular accommodation and resorts, and that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm your holiday.
– we will try our best to honor any special requirements you may have (e.g. room/apartment, location, floor choice, etc.) but cannot guarantee that your requests will be met. Some hotels are not necessarily used to catering for special diets and therefore if you have particular or specific requirements, you may find that the choice is limited.
Prices for our holiday featured in main brochure are given in separate supplement.
Prices are quoted in GBP or EURO. On rare occasion e.g. devaluation of PLN we reserve the right to change the price.

10. Changes

If you change your booking details (room category, date) more than 35 days before your arrival, we will change your holiday agreements, subjet to availability. However, an amendmend fees of 5% of holiday value will be charged. Should you wish to change your booking 35 days or less before your holiday start date, this will be treated as cancellation and new booking.
You will be liable to pay the cancellation charges set out in clause 4. This will apply if you request change of hotel/apartment at any time. All changes are subject to availability and written confirmation.

11. Brochure supplements

The integral part of Conditions of Participations is supplement including prices and special offers which may be published in a separate supplement.

12. Financial protection and Insurance

a) EURO POL TOUR has complied with polish legal requirements of the Travel Services Regulations and is fully bonded with insurance company Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe SIGNAL IDUNA POLSKA S. A.
b) Clients are insured under the general policy provided by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe SIGNAL IDUNA POLSKA S. A. for Personal Accident Cover for the sum up to 7000 PLN. Insurance policy covers the time of stay on our holiday as booked and paid for. General insurance conditions are sent with your voucher. You are required to supply names, date of birth and passport numbers for all members of your party to be covered under our insurance policy. Please note:
– full terms, conditions and exclusions of our Insurance Policy could be obtained from our office
– our insurance does not cover cost of cancellation and curtailment charges, treatment expenses and lost luggage.
–  you are advised to take out full holiday (inclusive of cancellation charges) insurance suitable for your needs before you travel, we cannot be held responsible for your costs if you fail to do so.

13. Law and jurisdiction

Your contract with EURO POL TOUR and any matters arising from it shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with Polish low (Ustawa o Usługach Turystycznych –Travel Services Regulations dated 29 August 1997 with amendments) and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Poland.