Hotels for groups

We are delighted to offer you an exclusive opportunity to visit some of Poland’s most attractive regions, from the Baltic seaside to the Tatry mountains. The hotels, health spas and holiday homes included in our offer have been chosen in view of their high standards.

Our recommended hotels for groups:

Warsaw Hotel Felix *** Felix
Krakow Hotel Kazimierz *** Kazimierz
Krakow Hotel Witek **** hotel Witek
Wroclaw Hotel Europejski *** Europejski
Katowice Hotel Angelo**** Angelo


We are able to find the best offers for your group. Our services can be carried out in one of the two following ways:
1. You give us the budget and date of your stay and we define the standard and the location of the accommodation we are able to offer you within that price range.
2. You define your expectations regarding the date, location and hotel standard and we give you the price.The following services are within the scope of our activity:

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